Hi, my name’s Leon.
Welcome to my website.

I make 3 Dimensional (Paper Tole) pictures that you can hang on your wall at home or in the office. I am a hobbyist which means I don’t do this as a full-scale business.
I make the pictures because I enjoy it and if people like them, they’re welcome to buy them. I have been crafting these detailed pictures for more than 15 years and the quality of my work is high. They’re fantastic as gifts for all occasions.

Think about being different and give a gift that can’t be duplicated, as can sometimes happen, especially for a big occasion.

This Mickey Mouse picture is just one example. It’s 40cm x 33 cm, or roughly A4 size. It would cost you approx. $75.

mickeymouseMy prices will vary according to the size, type of frame and whether postage is required.

Have a look at my Ideas page to see some of the pictures I have made in the past. Let me know if you have ideas and I can certainly help you.

Check out my portfolio page for yourself. More photos will be added as I make them. If you have  any questions, please feel free to contact me by phone or email at any time.


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